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Quality Management

Quality Management

Quality Management

Being in the agriculture exports business requires great attention to details and quality matters.

When shipping containers of goods, quality matters the most. We have a structured quality assurance program that we apply internally to ensure that every step we take doesn’t take us back. Our QA program is rigorous and is vigorously applied throughout.

The QA starts at the farm and follows the movement of crops through the chain until it reaches its destination.

Health inspection, health certification, conformity with international standards of food and agricultural products, packaging, sorting, labeling, and shipping documentation are examples of our QA management program.

We have dedicated well-trained specialists responsible for handling QA.

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The company owns a capital of about one million dollars allocated for the agricultural investment, using wide warehouses in different states of Sudan, and a central office in the capital Khartoum, and moreover agents at the exporting port of Sudan.